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I don’t like endings: Why Moffat should actually start killing characters

I think it’s very ironic that the 11th doctor always says that he doesn’t like endings because that’s exactly my problem with the last seasons: it’s like Moffat doesn’t want anything to end. 

How tragically beautiful would it be had Clara not survived this finale? She sacrificed herself to save the doctor, but in the end the beauty of her sacrifice wasn’t that epic because she survived. It wasn’t really a sacrifice anymore. The doctor had to plunge himself in his own timeline risking a lot, because he was too selfish to lose her. It’s like moffat created a nice story, but in the end he liked Clara too much to kill her. So he made up this weird excuse so she could live. 

Now this reminds me of a whole bunch of characters. Characters that die, the perfect drama setting is created to let us cry in a corner because we love that character. Two minutes later we are reminded that Moffat has done it again: hahaha you silly they’re not dead! This has happened way too often. It happened to Jenny twice in the finale… It has become Moffats trademark to kill off characters but not actually kill them because of some odd reason. But what does it mean for such a character? What does it mean for the doctor?

I’d like to compare this to Rose. Doomsday reminded us and the doctor that nothing lasts forever. We often lose people, and there’s nothing we can do about it. They don’t necessarily die, but they’re not in our lifes anymore. Some things simply end. The doctor was devastated. But this drama caused character development. For the Doctor, for Rose, for Martha and Donna! It would have been really boring if Rose would’ve been with the Doctor for another 3 seasons instead of those new faces. And I absolutely love Rose! But for the sake of the story: some things need to end.

But what happens if you have this character that always comes back? I somehow stopped giving a fuck when Rory died. Yeah sure he’ll come around eventually. Same with Clara: if she dies now it doesn’t matter because the Doctor will end up finding her somehow. We take these people for granted and their actions become less important. Let me show you how much you mean to me by dying to safe you! I somehow survived again so the drama wasn’t necessary (again)!

I feel like Moffat enjoys killing characters and drama, but he doesn’t actually want the consequences of killing a character, or to let them leave etc. He doesn’t want it all to end because these characters are too much fun to play with. But by doing this it gets boring. By doing this, epic sacrifices to save the doctor mean nothing. By doing this, we take everything for granted and death has become funny. The fandom always laughs about the fact that Moffat kills everything. Why not make an actual end to it?

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    ^ What pondering said ^ What I find so unbelievable is that so many people agree with the original statement. I don’t...
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    Okay but when did RTD actually kill a companion? Please enlighten me about that.
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    EXACTLY! This is exactly how I felt. I didn’t like Clara’s character before because of how he was writing her as always...
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    I think Ten’s ending was a perfect series finale. He got to wrap things up, say goodbye.
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